From head-to-toe into new fashion territories – a jumpsuit isn’t always the easiest piece to pull off, however with the right fit and accessories, the all-in-Onesie can create an out-of-the-box WOW factor! Just leave your comfort-zone for a minute and have a look at some rewarding styling tips below!

Fashion-Hero or Fashion-Zero?

Whether for casual occasions or formal oh-so-chic events, jumpsuits come, like dresses, in many different fabrics, prints and silhouettes. It’s all about finding the right style for you that suits your figure. While I believe waist-fitted and looser leg styles look universally flattering, the taller girls might also look striking in wide-leg jumpsuits that finish just above the ground.


Sometime, it‘s worth the wait! Can‘t tell you how many different styles I tried over the past months, from casual denim or printed cotton to flowy silky varieties – Disappointed about looking swamped in the fabric, I was finally jumping to buy when this burnt orange suit landed in the stores (here). This lightweight Onesie comes in a sleeveless slim cut with elasticated waist and open back wrap-detailing (it is of advantage to have a pair of helping hands to tie the knot in the back – thank you hubs 😉 ).

Choose fashionable accessories!

Jumpsuits are statement styles, that require a bit of planning in advance: the right accessories will break up their monotony while make it shining at the same time. I particularly pay attention to shoes, jewelry and the waist line while adding a cropped leather jacket (here) or denim topper (here) as an extra layer to feel comfortable on cooler mornings. You can even wear a plain white shirt (here) or off-shoulder top (here) underneath to comply with the current street style layering trend. For a summerly vibe, I opt for a handwoven basket bag (here or find some inspiration from my latest blog post Season fresh-up – springs must-have bags)


Shoes: While jumpsuits tend to make you appear shorter (even worse for members of the petite fraction like me!), high heels are the best way to solve this problem and to create a leg lengthening silhouette. Crop the hems above the ankle for the maximum shoe exposure! For an early spring day, I paired slim knitted peeptoe sock-booties (here) whereas for a summer night out, strapped sandals might also be a chic choice (here).

Jewelry: Choose pieces that stand out including colorful statement earrings (look at these fun tassel pieces here or here and I just ordered these here), necklaces (here) and tinted shades (maybe in a cat-eye shape like these here or here) to break up its monotony and you will definitively earn some serious style points.


Waist-line: Adding a belt (even if the jumpsuit is already fitted like mine!) will accentuate your waist in an hourglass silhouette and make you appear slimmer. A contrasting color will even break up the straight line of the all-in-one monotony. However, as my jumpsuit (here) comes with an open back wrap-detailing, I matched the color of the belt (here) with the jumpsuit to not create an additional dimension.

Find my outfit details on one glance:

  • Jumpsuit: new (here) and I just ordered this flattering one (here)
  • Knitted Peeptoe Sock-Booties: new (here)
  • Handmade circular basket bag: new, and also available in natural bamboo (here)
  • Cropped denim jacked with raw hem: new (here)
  • Tinted sunglasses: new (here) and I just ordered these here)
  • Leather belt: new, and also available in black (here)
  • Statement earrings: new (here) and I also love these (here)


Wardrobe inspiration

Convinced to move beyond a simple dress or jeans and shirt combo? Cool, then let me know how you pull off this trend-worthy style!

If you are still on the fence about this whole all-in-one thing this summer, don’t worry, I picked a selection of jumpsuits to inspire your wardrobe! Don’t make compromises in the right fit and take your time to find your flattering one-piece-wonder style!

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Karin

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-06 um 20.25.18
Oversized (here)
Gingham (here)
Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-06 um 20.28.22
Polka dots mania (here)
Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-06 um 20.29.32
It’s a wrap (here)
topshop floral
Flower Power (here)
Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-06 um 20.30.33
Stripes and buttons in linen (here)
net a porter
White linen and lace up detail (here)
Utility chic (here)

2 thoughts on “All-In-Onesie!

  1. You look amazing in your onesie!
    I know how hard it is to find one that fits perfectly. I acutally haven’t found one yet, but I got inspired by your post and will continue searching!



    1. Liebe Sandra,

      Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Ich bin schon ganz gespannt, wie dein Jumpsuit mal aussehen wird, mit Retro Design dauert die Suche sicher etwas länger, weil man sie nicht einfach so von der Stange kaufen kann. Viel Erfolg bei der Suche!

      Liebste Grüße, Karin


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