Let your hair get exciting!

                                                                                                                 Advertisement / Werbung


Hair Accessoires started trending few months ago with Gucci’s crystal hair clip and this trend quickly escalated, including headbands, pins and bows. The good thing is, that you don’t need to invest hundreds to adorn your ponytail!


I’ ve put together a list of affordable hair accessories that you may embrace this season:

Pearl pieces: match with your pearl jewelry for this oh-so-chic feeling


Hairbands for these Blair Waldorf vibes

Statement Clipand Barrettes for a playful finish in tortoise shell or shimmering glitter


Shop hair pins with shells or words or as this cute set because the more the better (Quelle: http://www.asos.com)

Tiny silk scarfs and scrunchies tied around the base of your ponytail

Silk scarfs wrapped around your head as turban for these bohemian inspired travel vibes.


And now I wanna know what’s your favorite hair piece this spring? Follow me on Instagram the_fashion_pheromone to see which style I wear most!

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